Sunday, July 10, 2011

About Shandi
By Daniel

Shandi is the love of my life and the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. When she was growing up her family was very involved in the community. She and her brothers and sisters were always busy. She was in cheer, dance, gymnastics, and track, as well as being very active in church, and horse 4H.

I know Shandi wants this for her own kids, to be home with them, and to have them involved in as many activities as possible. 

Shandi’s senior year of high school she helped start a 
school fundraiser for family friends who had two daughters with cancer. As a 17 year old senior, head cheerleader, she agreed to shave her head if the students could raise $10,000 for this family. The students raised the money, the local and then national media became aware, and by the end of the fundraiser, she helped raise over $100,000 for this family that she cared so much for. Most girls in their senior year of high school wouldn’t shave their hair off for a million dollars, but Shandi did this without a second thought, because it meant helping someone in need. 

I tell this story to demonstrate the kind of love and caring she has for other people. In 2003 Shandi was awarded the Points of Light Award given by the Utah Governor for her involvement in this fundraiser. . Also in 2004 she was named one of 12 High School Students Most Likely to Change the World, by Utah Valley Magazine.  She is truly an incredible person, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Shandi is effortlessly beautiful, determined, and smart. 

Shandi loves to have fun and is always planning fun activities for us to do, if it’s just a fun night at home, or a weekend or big vacation, Shandi loves people and to be social.  She also loves to be with family, scrapbook, blog, take pictures, lots and lots of pictures, go boating, or just hang out at home and watch a funny movie.

In college when asked what she wanted for a career, her first response was always, “be a mom”. Shandi wants so badly to be a mother. She is always looking for opportunities to babysit for neighbors and family. In our church we serve in the nursery, and I love watching her care for the kids, and I look forward to the day when her greatest dream of being a mother comes true.

Age: 27 Years Old
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Job: Cosmetologist
Favorite Food: Steak & Fries
Favorite Drink:  Sprite, Rootbeer & Water
Favorite Book: A Severe Mercy
Favorite TV Show: The Office, One Tree Hill
Favorite Movie: Two Weeks Notice, Up

Shandi's Family:
Shandi is number 2 in a family of 7 kids. She loves being from a large family. They are all very close to each other and have a lot of fun. 

Shandi's Family: They always have to take a funny face picture!
(We are on the front row on the right) 

Here is a music video my family made for my dad's birthday a few years ago. I'm in 
the red shirt and Daniel is in the button-up. We had a lot of fun making it. =0)

Pictures of Shandi:


  1. Shandi, I got your blog address from my sister-in-law Jonette. Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world that is adoption! We have been blessed enough to adopt 2 little girls in the last 2 years. Good luck with your journey!

  2. Shandi I had no Idea you guys were trying to adopt. I found this on my friends blog and was so shocked to see your button there! I hope all works out for you guys. You are such a WONDERFUL Person and would make a great parent. Best of luck to you and your hubby.